Grimm & Co website

Hand sketched animations, illustrations & lettering using Adobe Sketch for the new Grimm & Co website. Art direction, design & build by Side by Side.


Grimm & Co Anthology

I designed and illustrated the Grimm & Co Anthology book for 2018. Within this includes a selection of stories and poems by their young writers, which they collected in literacy workshops they held. 

I made the illustrations by hand using a mechanical pencil, which I then edited and vectorised in Adobe Illustrator. With time I developed this approach by using pencil brushes in Adobe Sketch on the iPad.


Grimm & Co Greeting and Christmas cards

Other work includes illustrating Grimm & Co’s Christmas and greeting cards which they sell in store and online.


Santa Baby

Grimm & Co asked us to make an advent to share daily on Instagram throughout December based on the poem “Santa Baby” by Terry Lowell, which would have a reading of each verse read out by the children who write at Grimm & Co per post among other quest speakers such as Ian Macmillan and Joanne Harris. Each day they also shared a discount for various products on their shop, and an animation of the advent day. Side by Side art directed the illustrations and animations I made for the project.

You can see all the posts on Grimm and Co’s Instagram.


In Store Signage

I have hand drawn and illustrated features in store for Grimm & Co.